Crest Cormix

CREST CORMIX offer a total package of liquid coating systems, covering all industrial, flooring, protective and waterproofing applications.

PROTECTIVE High- Performance Systems

  • Epoxy Two Pack (4:1) Zinc Phosphate Inhibitive Primers – for direct to steel /galvanised steel/aluminium/fibreglass
  • High Performance Epoxy Single pack Etch Primer – for direct to bare steel/aluminium/copper/galvanised steel
  • Acrylic Polyurethane Two Pack Topcoat (2:1) Clear & Solid Colours (RAL & AS) 
  • Polyaspartic & Epoxy Flooring systems
  • Polyurea Coating systems (Plural Reactor Applied)
  • Acrylic Membranes
  • Silane Siloxanes for concrete
  • Crystalline Liquid spray for concrete
  • Insulative exterior Acrylics

INDUSTRIAL Coating Systems (Co-Polymer & Alkyd Spraying Enamels)

  • Zinc Phoshate QD Primers for direct to steel
  • Epoxy Single Pack Etch Primer – for direct to bare steel/aluminium/copper/galvanised steel
  • QD Enamel Finish Systems – Full Machine Colour System
  • Hammer-tone Finishes
  • BITUCOTE Road Marking Paints
  • Seam Seal (Brushable) for all Ducting & Sealing applications

Full Preparatory & Coating Specifications can be tailored to your application, complete with provision of full inspection services.

Cormix has developed a range of injection systems over the last 20 years to compliment TBM, drill & blast mechanical excavation methods of tunneling, and to suit all types of rocks & soils. Such technologies are for pre & post injection, including PU gels & foams to consolidate weak and fractured rock & soil geologies and prevent water ingress.

Cormix Injection materials available ​from Crest Cormix suit a variety of applications including concrete crack sealing both structural and flexible, void filling, underpinning, slab jacking & soil conditioning foams for use with TBM’s.


Flexible Foams

Contite PUE100/E101 (view Video)


Contite G600 by Oakum Technique