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About Crest Cormix

Crest Cormix retains exclusive distribution of “Seal For Life” (Polyken, Covalence, Powercrete) pipeline coating systems, along with “Deepwaters” Nu-Bolt/ I-Rod (anti- corrosive pipe supports) and the European range of MT Protective Films. Crest Cormix has expanded the total business offering to include Australian & NZ distribution of the Cormix International construction chemicals, grouts, chemical slab-lifting, soil stabilizers and chemical waterproofing systems. Crest Cormix now also extends a liquid coating range with distribution of the European"Helios / & Gravihel" automotive/commercial refinish, industrial & protective coating systems. 

Crest Cormix has strategically positioned itself to enable a more diverse spread of product solutions, for both new infrastructure and repair of existing infrastructure, operating across the hydrocarbons, renewables, marine, resources, energy, water, refining, mineral processing, refinish, commercial, industrial, engineering and construction sectors. Crest Cormix is a unique specialist supplier of very respected global recognized coating and chemical product solutions, supported with ISO 9001-2008 QA/QC accreditation and a strong dedicated team of professionals, with over 150 years of industry experience.


​​At Crest Cormix our commitment to training and development is unequivocal. Training and development programs for Crest Cormix people, our application partners and all stakeholders associated with our group are underpinned by a substantial investment in training. Our field is highly technical and specialized, competing on a global stage through continuous learning. It’s part of our DNA.

Customer Service and Commitment to Innovation and R&D

CREST understand that the four core elements that are critical to our continued success are as follows:

  • Sales
  • Customer Serivce
  • Commitment To Innovation
  • Research & Development

To this end sales and service operations are controlled by passionate, committed, Product Specialist Managers in each category. They have an open brief to provide the best customer experience possible, the most innovative solutions possible and they are actively encouraged to think outside the box. We view our people as industry movers and shakers, not order takers

International Companies Crest Cormix Represent

  • Seal For Life (Berry Plastics International – Corrosion Protection Group), manufacturers of Covalence Heatshrink Sleeves / Polyken Butyl Tape Systems/ Powercrete Liquid Epoxies
  • Cormix International - Construction Chemicals / Concrete Remedial Repair systems/ Underground Soil Stabilization Chemicals/ Carbon Fiber Strengthening Construction systems 
  • MT Tapes s.r.o.  Surface Protection Films
  • ELMED Corrosion Technologies Holiday Detectors / Crest Meters / Testing Equipment
  • Deepwater Corrosion Services Nu-Bolt / I-Rod Systems for prevention of Crevice Corrosion
  • Citadel Technologies Inc. Manufacturers of RhinoWrap, DiamondWrap, BlackDiamond Composite Repair Systems
  • Helios Group - Global European based  Coatings for the Refinish, Commercial, Furniture, Industrial & Marine applications
  • Florite  - Complete Industrial & Automotive Coating Systems 

Coatings Service Division

Crest Cormix retains a specialist Coatings Services Division, with its primary objective being to assist with Project Management, Supply and Installation of our wide range of advanced protective and waterproofing systems and technically advanced corrosion engineered solutions.

Crest Cormix is highly differentiated from all of its competitors in that it offers a one-stop-shop. The company can handle every detail of your project, including supply, installation via a team of Company Licensed Applicators, commissioning, training of Client’s personnel and full after sales service.

Whilst Crest Cormix has predominantly been involved in the Oil & Gas Pipeline and Water Pipeline Industries, these services have now been expanded to include concrete repair and concrete construction, soil stabilization, slab jacking, along with complete waterproofing solutions no matter what surface and condition.

Quality Assurance 

Crest Cormix is committed to providing client satisfaction and achieving desired results through effective communication, timely performance and provision of cost efficient quality products and services. Crest Cormix is Certified to ISO 9001:2008 by BUREAU VERITAS Certificate No: AU 002369-1.  Our quality management system is  created to suit our business, the industry we service and is integrated into our daily activities.