— Concrete Repair & Protection


A complete range of concrete repair products improving the service life of the structure in a highly cost effective manner.

Concrete repair products produced by Cormix are formulated to extend the life span of the structure safely and economically. Cormix products offer integrated solutions for all types of repair that conform to local and international standards.

Cormix concrete repair systems range in their applications from structural crack injection to facade refurbishment & protection, and are used in both maintenance & new construction.

Structural strengthening systems are available in the Cormix range using the latest carbon fibre technologies. Cormix crack injection systems are often used in a combination with structural strengthening.

The range of Cormix products manufactured represent the most up todate technology. They are environmentally friendly and are designed for ease of application in building & civil engineering projects.

Cement Based

Epoxy Based

Bonding Bridges


Steel Corrosion Protection & Corrosion Inhibitors