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CONCRETE SHOTCRETE ADMIXTURES ______________________________________________ Advanced Admixture Solutions maximizing flexibility and minimizing the cost of concrete production. Cormix’s advanced concrete admixture technologies lead to the enhancement of the quality of concrete & significant cost benefits. The admixture solutions are designed to maximize flexibility & minimize the cost of concrete production. Cormix’s shotcrete accelerators have been developed in response to the demand for durable, high quality sprayed concrete, at the same time minimizing health and environmental risks. The Cormix range of admixtures include the latest carboxylated fourth generation superplasticisers. The admixture range is supported by concrete accessories such as mould oils, curing compounds, surface retarders & other specialist materials linked to producing sound concrete. . UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES ________________________________________________________ Crest Cormix brings professional technical support with customized solutions. Continuous innovation ensure products developed meet the exacting demands of tunneling & mining needs. Systems include soil consolidation, injection for water stoppage, anchoring, grouting, soil conditioning foams, concrete & shotcrete admixtures and waterproofing. Cormix products offer solutions to support TBM’s drill & Blast and mechanical excavation methods of tunnelling, to suit all rock & soil types.


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